1979 GM Saffron Firemist
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(Saffron Firemist : GM : 1977 - 1990)
At we have records of this paint for over 13 years of use, and with 5 unique promotional names.

This code is listed in our database as a cross-reference to PPG code 2971; therefore, the results below are from that code.

1979 paint by GM with a promotional name of Saffron Firemist. This red automotive paint color is most commonly known as Saffron Firemist. Other common color promotional names include Chestnut, Copper, Red, and Saffron. The color formulation has been used between 1977 and 1990, primarily by GM; but also by Buick, Cadillac, Company Fleet Vehicles, and Oldsmobile. See the full detailed list below. Firemist was a name given to a group of metallic paints which primarily appeared on the Cadillac but also the Buick and Oldsmobile starting in 1964.

The two Companies/Organizations with Fleet Vehicles using this color are: CK Smith Oil and Teriff and Herr.

The short make/year code for this paint on a 19481 in 1979, is 99. Careful when using this paint code along with the make and year to specify this paint since it is may not be unique. You can check the paint code here: 99. The longer GM paint manufacturing code, sometimes called the "Fisher paint code", is WA4917. This longer manufacturing code is useful for tracking paint usage.

Example of 1979 GM Saffron Firemist
1979 GM Saffron Firemist
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Usage list 1979 GM Saffron Firemist paint (more information)
yearmakemodelcodepaint namecomment
Red|PPG/Dupont Cross-Ref 1990|
GM67Saffronmetallic, 76-77, |Autocolor Colour Register 1998-1999|
GM99Saffron Firemistmetallic, 78-79, |Autocolor Colour Register 1998-1999|
1979BuickBuick99Saffron Firemist
1979GM99Saffron Firemist
1979OldsmobileOldsmobile99Saffron Firemist
1990FleetCK Smith OilCopper
1990FleetTeriff and HerrChestnut

Paint Manufacturer Codes
GM(Fisher code) : WA4917
Make/Year Code : 67, 99
PPG/Ditzler : 2971
Dupont : 44738, 44738DH, 44738LH, 44738AM
Spies Hecker : 93344
RM/BASF : 8697
Autocolor ICI Nexa : 6452M, 6069M

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