Dupont code 08743 8743 - gray
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(Grigio Indaco : Alfa-Romeo : 1969 - 1981)
At we have records of this paint for over 12 years of use.

This gray automotive paint color is most commonly known as Grigio Indaco. Another common paint color promotional name is Misty Gray. The color formulation has been used between 1969 and 1981, primarily by Alfa-Romeo. See the full detailed list below.

Example of the color Dupont 8743
Dupont code 08743 8743 - gray
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Usage list of Dupont paint code 8743 (more information)
yearmakemodelcodepaint namecomment
1969Alfa-Romeo735Grigio Indaco
1970Alfa-Romeo735Grigio Indaco
1971Alfa-Romeo735Grigio Indaco
1972Alfa-Romeo735Grigio Indaco
1973Alfa-Romeo735Grigio Indaco
1974Alfa-Romeo735Grigio Indaco
1975Alfa-Romeo735Grigio Indaco
1976Alfa-Romeo735Grigio Indaco
1977Alfa-Romeo735Grigio Indaco
1978Alfa-Romeo735Grigio Indaco
1979Alfa-Romeo735Grigio Indaco
1980Alfa-Romeo735Grigio Indaco
1981Alfa-Romeo735Misty Gray

Paint Manufacturer Codes
Make/Year Code : 735, AR735
PPG/Ditzler : 33093
Dupont : 8743
Autocolor ICI Nexa : EF80

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