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Year/Make/Model Paint Code Lookup for Paint Suppliers

Do you sell paint? Are you looking for a way for your customers to find the correct paint code? We have three options:

1) Insert the link listed below into your site (unlimited access) - try it english, french, spanish, others avail
2) Copy and paste this html into your page where you want to see the year/make/model lookup (unlimited access)
3) Use this JavaScript on your page (limit to 500 calls/day by your server) - try it

By default all makes and models in our database are available from 1980 to the present. If you want a different set let us know.

for option #1

insert this line into your html page (anywhere between your body statements)

<a href="https://paintref.com/cgi-bin/codedisplay.cgi">Year/Make/Model Paint code lookup</a>

desktop browser


The optional banner can be yours, simply email us at admin@paintref.com with your banner. The link at the bottom (and the banner) will automatically return to your site.

We can also send parameters (paint codes) back to your site and/or display the page in a different language, just let us know.

for option #2

insert these lines into your html page (anywhere between your body statements)

<script language="javascript" src="https://paintref.com/paintref/paintsupplymenu.js"></script>
<form action="https://paintref.com/cgi-bin/codedisplay.cgi" method="GET">
 <nobr><label>year: <select id="year" name="year" width="30" style="width: 100px"></select></label></nobr>
 <nobr><label>make: <select id="make" name="make" width="30" style="width: 150px"></select></label></nobr>
 <nobr><label>model: <select id="model" name="model" width="30" style="width: 120px"></select></label></nobr>
 <input type=hidden name=return value="https://yoururl.com/returnpage.html"> <!-- place your return page url in this statement -->
 <input type=hidden name=lang value="en"> <!-- en=english, fr=french, es=spanish -->
 <input type="submit" name=action value="Get Paint Codes">

When the "Get Paint Codes" button is pressed the page will look just like option #1 above. You can customize the html form anyway you wish on your page.

for option #3

insert these lines into your html page (anywhere between your body statements)

<div id="paintcodes_embed" data-css="paintref" data-return="//localhost" data-url="//paintref.com/cgi-bin/extlookup.cgi"></div>
<script language="javascript" src="//paintref.com/extlookup/init_paintcode_extlookup.js"></script>

You can create your own CSS file to change the look of the form and tables. (more information)