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Pink Oldsmobiles at PaintRef.com
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The first Pink Oldsmobile in our paint database was in 1955, with one pink paint shade named Coral.

The last offering of Pink on an Oldsmobile in our paint database was in 2001, with one shade of pink paint named Mary Kay Pink.

In our database we found 10 offerings of Pink in 8 of the 8 production years of the Oldsmobile (1955-1958 and 1962 and 1995 and 2000-2001). We have included coral in this list. Below is a list of all offerings of Pink on an Oldsmobile in our database with examples where we have found them. Click on the example or manufacturing code for more information.

yearpromotional namemanuf code
1955 Coral 62 look up
1956 Island Coral 66 look up
1957 Desert Glow 65 look up
Sunset Glow 62 look up
1958 Canyon Glow 66 look up
Desert Glow 65 look up
1962 Sunset Mist X WA2982
1995 Mary Kay Pink 08 WA9601
2000 Mary Kay Pearl 09 WA160E
2001 Mary Kay Pink 07 WA159E
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