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Automotive/Truck/Fleet Paint Notes

GM Summit White & Olympic White Carefully check your data tag for the GM paint code of WA8624, 8624, 8624U, or 8624L. Depending on the year/model/make this color is called either Summit White or Olympic White. They are the same color but the names are sometimes interchanged. PPG does show two different paint codes for this white: PPG 3800 is used before 2005 and PPG 6260 after. Careful though with Arctic White (WA9567 or 9567) or Bright White (WA9753 or 9753), they are completely different colors.

GM Carbon Black & Black Granite & Black Ice There are two GM paints which have this name, WA565Q and WA501Q. These paints are often confused. Check your data tag to determine which you have. The color data code should be 565Q or 501Q optionally followed by a "U" or "L".

1988 Chevrolet/Camaro Dark Red has been confirmed to be GM code 74, WA9535 but many re-paint manufacturers list it as GM code 74, WA8748. We believe WA8748 was an early model year paint and finished with WA9535 since the later was used more by GM in 1989.