1969 Appliance Avocado paint
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This code is listed in our database as a cross-reference to PPG code 43670; therefore, the results below are from that code.

1969 paint by Appliance with a promotional name of Avocado. This green Appliance paint color is most commonly known as Avocado Dark. Other common color promotional names include Avocado, Avocado HiLite, Avocado HiLite Dark, Dark Avocado, Dark Green, and Green. The color formulation has been used between 1968 and 1983, primarily by Appliance manufacturers. We have records of this color appearing on the following models: Admiral, Coldspot Kenmore, Crown, Fedders, Frigidaire, Gibson Refrigerator, Hotpoint, Kelvinator, Magic Chef, Maytag, Montgomery Ward, Norge, OKeefe Merritt, Philco, Tappan, Waste King Universal, Westinghouse, and Whirlpool. See the full detailed list below.

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Usage list 1969 Appliance Avocado paint (more information)
yearmakemodelcodepaint namecomment
Green|PPG/Dupont Cross-Ref 1990|
1968ApplianceWestinghouse461Avocado Darkborder color
1969ApplianceAdmiralMW-161Avocado Darkshadow paint
1969ApplianceGeneral ElectricAvocado Darkhi lite or border paint
1969ApplianceGibson Refrigerator497Avocadoborder color
1969ApplianceHotpointT-77Avocado Darkshade color
1969ApplianceTappanAvocado Darkborder color
1969ApplianceWaste King UniversalAvocado Darkborder color
1969ApplianceWestinghouse461Avocado Darkborder color
1969ApplianceWhirlpoolT-108Avocadohilite color
1972ApplianceColdspot KenmoreAvocado Darkborder color
1972ApplianceCrownAvocadoborder color
1972ApplianceFeddersDark Avocadoborder color
1972ApplianceFrigidaire825Dark Greenborder color
1972ApplianceGeneral ElectricAvocado Darkhi lite or border paint
1972ApplianceKelvinatorK-443Dark Green
1972ApplianceMagic ChefDark Avocadoborder color
1972ApplianceMaytagDark Avocadoborder color
1972ApplianceMontgomery WardAvocado Darkborder color
1972ApplianceNorgeDark Avocadoborder color
1972ApplianceOKeefe MerrittAvocado Dark
1972AppliancePhilcoCA-5005Dark Avocado
1977ApplianceColdspot KenmoreAvocado DarkHilite, border color
1977ApplianceCrownAvocado HiLiteborder
1977ApplianceFeddersDark Avocadoborder
1977ApplianceFrigidaire825Dark Greenborder
1977ApplianceGeneral ElectricAvocadoHilite
1983ApplianceColdspot Kenmore825Avocado HiLite Darkborder color
1983ApplianceCrownAvocado HiLiteborder
1983ApplianceFeddersDark Avocadoborder
1983ApplianceFrigidaire825Dark Greenborder
1983ApplianceGeneral ElectricAvocadohilite or border, dark
1983ApplianceKelvinatorK-443Dark Green
1983ApplianceMaytagDark Avocadoborder color
1983ApplianceNorgeDark Avocadoborder
1983ApplianceOKeefe MerrittAvocado Dark
1983AppliancePhilcoCA-5005Dark Avocado

Paint Manufacturer Codes
Make/Year Code : CA-5005, 497, 825, T-77, MW-161, 461, T-108, K-443
PPG/Ditzler : 43670
Dupont : 6534, 6517, 29933, 29907

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