1953 International Truck Light Red
At PaintRef.com we have records of this paint for over 61 years of use, and with 7 unique promotional names.

This code is listed in our database as an offset listing to PPG code 70019; therefore, the results below are from that code.

This red automotive paint color is most commonly known as simply 'Red'. Other common color promotional names include Harvester Red, International Light Red, International Red, International Red Light, Light Red, and Red Light. The color formulation has been used between 1938 and 1999, primarily by International Harvester; but also by Company Fleet Vehicles, Hendrickson and Chrysler. We have records of this color appearing on the following models: International Harvester Tractor, Chrysler Special Order / Fleet, and International Harvester Special Order / Fleet. See the full detailed list below.

The eight Companies/Organizations with Fleet Vehicles using this color are: American Fire Pump Company, City of Amarillo TX, Fleet, International Harvester, International Tractor, International Truck, Rustoleum, and Schreiber Trucking Company.

The longer Ford paint manufacturing code is WT4369. Ford paint codes starting with WT are usually special order paints primarily used on commercial or fleet vehicles. The longer Chrysler paint manufacturing code, sometimes called the "Dodge Truck paint code" is DT3163. These longer manufacturing codes are useful for tracking paint usage.

Example of 1953 International Truck Light Red
1953 International Truck Light Red
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Usage list 1953 International Truck Light Red paint (more information)
yearmakemodelcodepaint namecomment
Red|PPG/Dupont Cross-Ref 1990|
1938International Harvester50Red
1939FleetInternational TruckLight Red#50
1939International Harvester50Red
1940FleetInternational TruckLight Red#50
1940International Harvester50Red
1941FleetInternational TruckLight Red#50
1941International Harvester50Red
1942FleetInternational TruckLight Red#50
1942International Harvester50Red
1943FleetInternational TruckLight Red#50
1943International Harvester50Red
1944FleetInternational TruckLight Red#50
1944International Harvester50Red
1945FleetInternational TruckLight Red#50
1945International Harvester50Red
1946FleetInternational TruckLight Red#50
1946International Harvester50Red
1947FleetInternational TruckLight Red#50
1947International Harvester50Red
1948FleetInternational TruckLight Red#50
1948International Harvester50Red
1949FleetInternational TruckLight Red#50
1949International Harvester50Red
1950FleetInternational TruckLight Red#50
1950International Harvester50Red
1950International HarvesterFleetInternational Light Red|Ditzler Book|
1951FleetInternational TruckLight Red#50
1951International Harvester50Red
1952FleetInternational Tractor50International Red Light
1952FleetInternational TruckLight Red#50
1952International Harvester50Red
1952International HarvesterTractor50International Red Light
1953FleetInternational TruckLight Red#50
1953International Harvester50Red
1954FleetInternational TruckLight Red#50
1954International Harvester50Red
1955International Harvester50Red
1956FleetFleetInternational Red
1956FleetInternational HarvesterRed#50
1956FleetSchreiber Trucking CompanyRed
1956International Harvester50Red
1957International Harvester201Harvester Red
1958International Harvester201Harvester Red
1959International Harvester201-21Harvester Red
1960International Harvester201-21Harvester Red
1961FleetRustoleumH-2International RedInternational Harvester 201 Harvester Red
1961International Harvester201-21Harvester Red
1962International Harvester201-21Harvester Red
1963International Harvester201-21Harvester Red
1972FleetInternational Tractor50International Red Light
1972International HarvesterTractor50Red Light
1983ChryslerFleetDT3163Red|Dodge Truck Ditzler Offset List, Form 8302|
1990FleetAmarillo TX City ofRed
1990FleetAmerican Fire Pump CompanyRed
1999International Light Red|2003 Autocolor Commercial Transport Color Register|

Paint Manufacturer Codes
Ford : WT4369
Chrysler/Dodge : DT3163
Make/Year Code : 201-21, 50, 201, H-2, DT3163
PPG/Ditzler : 70019
Dupont : 93-84154H, 93-6413R, 93-6990R
Acme/Rogers : 1470
Sherwin Williams : 1186
Autocolor ICI Nexa : TJW9

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