Chrysler code DT3025 - red purple
This code is listed in our database as a cross-reference to PPG code 50009; therefore, the results below are from that code.

This red purple automotive paint color is most commonly known as Maroon Purple. The only reference of this paint is in PPG/Dupont/Glasurit/RM Cross Reference list booklets from 1990 printed by PPG. See the detailed list below.

Some Chrysler paint manufacturing codes come in two forms, the short 1 to 3 digit model/year code which changes frequently and a longer code which does not change. One of these longer codes which we track is the DT or Dodge Truck or Fleet code. This is one of only a very few DT codes that starts with the letters "DT" and does not end in a 4 digit number. We are not sure about the use of this paint, it is probably very early or a basic color. Codes in the DT3000 to DT3999 range are generally red shades. These DT codes do not change over the years for a particular paint formulation; therefore, it is the best code to track the usage of Chrysler paint. In many cases Chrysler has assigned DT codes to popular paint from other manufacturers to use as special order paints.

The DT paint set is one of the few that includes many of the official US Military paint colors.

Example of the color Chrysler DT3025
Chrysler code DT3025 - red purple
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Usage list of Chrysler paint code DT3025 (more information)
yearmakemodelcodepaint namecomment
Maroon Purple|PPG/Dupont Cross-Ref 1990|

Paint Manufacturer Codes
Chrysler/Dodge : DT3025
PPG/Ditzler : 50009

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