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The first Red Sterling in our paint database was in 1994, with one red paint shade named Mystery Red. This was the only time Mystery Red appeared as a production color on an Sterling.

The last offering of Red on an Sterling in our paint database was in 2001, with 13 shades of red paint named Berry Red, Blue, Dark Violet, Light Maroon, Light Red, Light Violet, Medium Red, Purple, Red, Seminole Red, Viper Red, Volcano Red and Wine.

In our database we found 50 offerings of Red in 7 of the 7 production years of the Sterling (1994-1995 and 1997-2001). We have excluded all yellow greens and most golds from this list but included all gold yellow paints as originally named; light yellowish creams, tans, and beiges; and those paints are very obviously yellow. Below is a list of all offerings of Red on an Sterling in our database with examples where we have found them. Click on the example or manufacturing code for more information.

yearpromotional namemanuf code
1994 Mystery Red N2767 look up
1995 Dark Firethorn N0307 look up
1997 Dark Red N0756 look up
Light Ash Rose N0285 look up
Raspberry N4930 look up
Red N3057 look up
Red Gold N0541 look up
Vermillion Red N2745 look up
1998 Bright Burgundy N6468 look up
Candy Apple Red N2225 look up
Dark Garnet N4781 look up
Flame Red N3761 look up
Maroon N6488 look up
Medium Garnet Red N6540 look up
Radiant Fire N3262 look up
Raspberry N4012 look up
Ruby Red L5438 look up
1999 Bordeaux L6397 look up
Cyclamen L5124 look up
Dark Toreador L5227 look up
Electric Red L3792 look up
Red Gold L5659 look up
Toreador Red L5937 look up
2000 American La France Red N6251 look up
2001 Berry Red N0419 look up
Blue N0071 look up
Dark Violet N0423 look up
Light Maroon N0221 look up
Light Red L5849 look up
Light Violet N0423 look up
Medium Red N0762 look up
Purple N0509 look up
Red N0753 look up
Seminole Red N2551 look up
Viper Red N3781 look up
Volcano Red L2093 look up
Wine N2442 look up
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