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The first Red Evinrude in our paint database was in 1968, with one red paint shade named Evinrude Red. Evinrude Red was also offered on an Evinrude in 1973.

The last offering of Red on an Evinrude in our paint database was in 1973, with one shade of red paint named Evinrude Red.

In our database we found 2 offerings of Red in 2 of the 2 production years of the Evinrude (1968 and 1973). We have excluded all yellow greens and most golds from this list but included all gold yellow paints as originally named; light yellowish creams, tans, and beiges; and those paints are very obviously yellow. Below is a list of all offerings of Red on an Evinrude in our database with examples where we have found them. Click on the example or manufacturing code for more information.

yearpromotional namemanuf code
1968 Evinrude Red 99437 look up
1973 Evinrude Red look up
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